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About Starlink

Starlink internet uses a system of satellites to provide you with fast, low latency internet. These speeds and coverage areas will continue to expand rapidly as there are thousand more satellites being launched. With service already available to Star, Zoeycomm offers installation of the various components to save you the hassle.

Zoeycomm's Starlink Installation team in Star understands that you want your system to be reliable and stand the test of time. We ensure that your dish is secured properly to your home or business, and is sealed properly to avoid any leaks that may be caused by an improper installation. Zoeycomm also ensures that the cables used for the installation do not distract from your property and maintain a professional appearance.

Zoeycomm is a top of the line Starlink installer in Star, Idaho. Our team strives to give you installations that are fast, secure, and that will stand the test of time. Let us save you valuable time by contacting us today to begin your starlink install in Star.

Starlink Official Accessories

-Ethernet Adapter
-150' Cable
-Pipe Adapter Mount
-Ground Pole Mount
-Short Wall Mount
-Long Wall Mount
-Pivot Mount

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