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About Starlink

Starlink utilizes a system of satellites in orbit around the planet that orbits closer to Earth at a lower height, about 550km, where information is sent through the vacuum of space at much higher speeds than fiber-optic cable.

These systems utilize the satellites to provide internet to even the most remote locations by connecting to their network of 1,241 already in orbit. Estimates also place the amount of satellites in orbit to 42,000 by 2027.

Starlink enables users to beat the average internet speed in the United States by providing speeds at/or around 100mbps. It also offers low latency that reduces disconnections to the internet and improves performance for high volume data messages, streaming, gaming, and more.

Here at Zoeycomm we are committed to providing quality IT support in all areas, especially rural. If you are struggling with finding a reliable, fast internet connection in your area than Starlink may provide a great solution.Let us save you the hassle of installing Starlink for your home or business. Our team will take care of the installation from start to finish and get you connected as soon as possible. Contact us today for Starlink installations in Boise, Idaho and the surrounding area!

Starlink Official Accessories

-Ethernet Adapter
-150' Cable
-Pipe Adapter Mount
-Ground Pole Mount
-Short Wall Mount
-Long Wall Mount
-Pivot Mount

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