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Welcome to Zoeycomm: Your Trusted Partner for Enterprise-Class Information Technology Services in Wisconsin

At Zoeycomm, our mission is to deliver top-notch Information Technology services to both residential and business clients across Wisconsin. We recognize the uniqueness of each customer's goals and needs, and our commitment is to provide customized support services and packages to keep you seamlessly connected.

Based in Hayward, Wisconsin, Zoeycomm brings a wealth of experience through a diverse range of completed projects. Our expertise spans wired and wireless networks, cutting-edge security camera systems, VoIP phone systems, network administration, Starlink installations, and more. Our dedicated team is poised to deliver unparalleled IT services tailored to your specific requirements.

What sets us apart is our team of problem solvers and creative thinkers, ready to bring your projects to life. Whether you're looking to enhance your network infrastructure, implement robust security solutions, or explore the latest in communication technology, Zoeycomm is here for you.

Contact us today to experience the excellence of Zoeycomm's IT services. Let us elevate your connectivity and bring innovation to your projects throughout Wisconsin.

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Areas of Expertise
  • Websites
  • IT Analytics
  • Network Design
  • Network Administration
  • Cameras
  • Security Alarms
  • Server Rooms
  • Printers
  • Wired Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Newtwork Racks
  • Antenna Systems
  • Network Security
  • Data Backups
  • Cloud Storage
  • IT Projects
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